Ann Marie Taylor

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Helping stuck people get unstuck-quickly & comfortably

Let me help you recover from past pain, overcome anxiety and build loving & supportive relationships. I help people who have hit a rough patch or are struggling to move forward (like you?), to get their life back on track & their soul singing again. I can help you shake off old destructive patterns of behaviour & replace them with healthy new ones.

Let me show you how to overcome  the experiences, emotions, beliefs & behaviours that stand in the way of your happiness;  help you to feel confident in your own skin; good about who you are & secure in your ability to create supportive, sustainable and nourishing relationships.

All this will take is a matter of weeks or months-not years (as with some therapies).

I like to create for my clients a warm, safe, open,  light-hearted & non-judgmental space. I take pride in offering services that are caring, confidential  & effective -because they are grounded in a solid evidence base.

During my career I’ve helped people from all types of backgrounds & walks of life to live a more fulfilled, joyful, meaningful life using a uniquely effective healing process.

Some of what goes wrong for people in life & in relationships comes down , in the end, to unconscious, emotionally driven reactions. This is very hard to fix on your own- no amount of self- help can reach this stuff.

I can help you address these deeper issues & leave forever these repeating cycles of unhappiness & heart-ache.

As a natural cheerleader, I want you to feel encouraged and comfortable during our work together.

So call me on 086 3549969 – I’d love to help you!

“I just wanted to tell you the good news that (my husband) and I are back together & have been since (8 months). Didn’t want to ring you earlier as was keen to see how things were going but so far it is great and I have my lovely husband (not grumpy one) back! All is so much better and we are both in much better places than we were b4. I am very grateful to u as on our journey u were the only professional who understood it properly.”

Couples Counselling- Female Client

“After nearly 25 years (of seeking help) I still had incapacitating problems…Ann Marie identified the cause of my problems straight away and began using specific techniques, and helping me to make positive changes to my daily life, to help me to resolve them. Improvements started immediately and have continued. Human Givens Therapy is not like other therapies: it is practical and based on a thorough understanding of what human beings really need in order to thrive and be happy. Ann Marie is a kind, calm and gentle person. I have invariably found her to be insightful, constructive and supportive and I can’t imagine anyone not feeling safe and comfortable with her”.

– Anxiety & Trauma Female Client

“The experience of working with Ann Marie has changed me & my life for the better. It has given me focus, on what is important in my life. I have learnt self-control/belief and how to deal with people and situations that before I really struggled with. Also, it made me feel that I am a good person and can be happy. The tools that I gained from the sessions have really helped me to get my life back on track.

Hand on heart, I felt at ease and that I could trust you and your judgement. Really, I can’t put into words how you have helped me. I have grown as a person and my close friends/family have all noticed the change. I highly recommend this service. People shouldn’t be afraid to look for help in my eyes and once they start opening up they will feel a weight lifting from their minds”.

– Anger, Anxiety, Drink/Drug Abuse Male Client

“Relationship stress? Feel depressed? Happens to everyone. There’s nothing I can do about it, unless I agree to long term surgery of my past in a psychiatrists den. That’s what I thought – and fortunately Ann Marie proved me wrong. She helped me to see these apparently little things. The things in my relationships that build up and multiply until I feel them of crushing importance. I learnt what to watch out for and with her feedback was able to integrate this into daily practice. You are never too old – I just turned 60 – or too young to change your life. Three sessions helped me to rejuvenate my marriage and vaccinate me against depression attacks.”

Relationships- Male Client

“All I can say is – it worked for me.”

Male Client – Relationships

How do I get started?

Redscover the love of life that was inside you all along!  Call or text me – on 086 354 9969

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Relationship repair
Emotional wellbeing
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My Background

I studied Psychology at Bangor University (University College of North Wales)before gaining a distinction in HG Psychotherapy in 2002. I hold a BA (hons) in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Psychotherapy.I am fully trained, qualified & accredited in the most up-to-date, evidence based psychotherapy methods (read more about this here).

I have worked with people under pressure &/or in distress for more than thirty years, helping people get their lives back following major set-backs and am a founder member of MindFully Well, a network of therapists specialising in using up-to-date, evidence-based methods to treat emotional & stress-related difficulties.

I was born & brought up in East Yorkshire, England, UK and am the eldest of four sisters. My mother was from County Meath. I live in County Wicklow with my husband & thirteen year old twins (a boy & a girl).